Thursday, January 2, 2014

Time-line for the snow for NJ metro

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Radar update/ Winter storm update:

I posted snow accumulations earlier, based on weather data...

I wanted to post the time line for snow/heavier snow/ ending time for snow...

Light snow has begun in NJ -- and will be moving into NYC by 6:30pm, and for Long Island by 7pm for Nassau county, and 7 - 7:30m for Suffolk county.

Snow will increase in intensity between 7 and 9pm for all areas..

Moderate to occasionally heavy snow is expected between 10pm Thursday and 4am Friday...
Snow should be over between 7 - 9am Friday.

All day tomorrow, winds will be gusting between 20 and 30mph.
With day-time temps. stuck in the teens, and even falling a bit perhaps late in the day --- windchill readings will be at, or below zero...

Happy Friday!

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