Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How far will the temperatures drop tonight for NJ metro?

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After only reaching a high between 9-13 degrees, and wind chills -5 to -15 this afternoon, skies will remain clear overnight.
It will be another frigid night. 

With the coldest of air arriving today, the temperatures will not fall as fast as they did last-ninght. But, due to the fact they are beginning at such low levels, a slower drop will still allow readings out to fall to -2 in the suburbs of northwestern NJ and parts of Long Island, to between 5 and 8 degrees for the rest of the Garden state and New York City, and the majority of Long Island.
Windy conditions will ease some, but the "feels-like" temperatures are still forecast to be below zero at times.

Some records are again possible/likely by tomorrow morning...
The record lows for 1/8 are as follows:

Atlantic City, NJ : 2 (1981)
Philadelphia, PA 2 (1970)
Trenton, NJ: -12 (1866)
Newark, NJ: 3 (1968, 1970)
Central Park, NY: 2 (1968)
LaGuardia, NY: 3 (1968)
JFK, NY: 1 (1968)
Islip, NY: 14 (1986)

Of more certainty is the beginning of a warm-up beginning tomorrow afternoon.
Highs on Wednesday reach 22 - 25 degrees, with mostly sunny skies. Winds are expected to average around 10mph.
Tomorrow night remains clear. Nearly steady temperatures.

Thursday tops out in the lower to mid- 30s, along with partly sunny skies, and only a light breeze.
Thursday night turns cloudy, and there can be some light snow or rain. 
No accumulation is expected at this time.
Temperatures drop into the upper 20s and lower 30s.

Friday begins with clouds, and perhaps a bit of light snow or rain. Sunshine returns for the afternoon, with highs approaching 40 degrees.
The weekend will be even milder, with 50 degrees a good possibility each day.

However, a weather system is expected to bring wet (but not white) conditions for Saturday, which may linger into at least the first half of Sunday.

More details on the weekend system in my next post.

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