Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Late Monday night weather update for NJ metro

Posted: 11:45pm -- 1/27/2014

Models continue to show some signs of "backing in" the moisture from the ocean toward land Tuesday night, as the south-eastern storm moves out to sea...
As I see it now ... southern New Jersey and much of Long Island have a 60%- 70% chance of accumulating snow (on the order of 1 - 2 inches).
There is a 30% chance for a coating of snow as far west as New York City and south-central NJ (Middlesex and Monmouth counties).

These numbers (odds and snow amounts) will be updated as necessary on Tuesday.

Of perhaps greater importance is the upcoming weekend...
Looking at the late-night Monday weather data, I have an idea in mind on what will take shape Friday through Monday, but would like to see a second day of consistency to put it in writing (so to speak).
And, if I do a weather video, I WILL do some speaking...


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