Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday morning weather update for NJ metro

Weather update:
Posted 9:30am -- 1/12/2014

A significant stormy week looking LESS likely...
As mentioned in one of my previous posts ... the exact location and placement of the jet-stream to the East coast is important to the intensity of weather disturbances for our area.
It appears the quicker, northern jet stream will be the dominant, but weaker one this week.
This means weather systems on Tuesday and Wednesday are currently forecast to be quick-movers, and moisture-starved.

In addition, the cold fronts moving through during this time will not have as much cold air with them... so temps will only be chilly/ cold, but not the arctic invasion we had last week.

Some light rain arrives on Tuesday, and there can be some flurries or snow-showers on Wednesday.

More updates later today.

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