Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rain or shine for the new work-week in New Jersey?

Latest post: 4:45pm - 3/31/2013

After a beautiful start to the weekend, rain moved in to the Garden state, NYC and Long Island during Easter Sunday afternoon... with temperatures mainly in the 50s.

The wet weather will continue until around 6pm in NJ, 6:30pm for NYC, and on Long Island until around 7:30pm.
Another shower or two is possible again between 11pm and midnight...
Skies should clear late tonight, as temperatures drop into the upper 30s for NJ and Long Island, and lower 40s for NYC.

Monday, to start off the new work-week and the month of April will be mild to start, with temperatures in the 50s... but temperatures will fall into the 40s for the afternoon, and become windy. A rain-shower is possible any time after lunch-time as well.
Monday night will be mainly clear and cold. Temperatures will fall into the upper 20s to lower 30s.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be mainly sunny and breezy, with highs only in the mid- to upper 40s.

Thursday will be milder, with rain possible by Friday.

Radar image is from 3/31/2013 -- 4:30pm

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunny Saturday for New Jersey -- what about tomorrow?

Will Easter Sunday be as nice as Saturday?

Nice start to the weekend for New Jersey - will it last?

Latest post: 6:15pm - 3/30/2013

After a nice afternoon to start of the weekend -- this even will remain mainly clear.. with temperatures dropping into the 30s across much of New Jersey, with lower 40s around New York City.

For Easter Sunday, the weather is not expected to be as nice...
The day will start out with some sunshine, but by late morning, skies are expected to be mostly cloudy, and a few showers will move into New Jersey around 2 or 3pm, NYC around 4pm, and Long Island between 4 and 5pm...
Heavy rain is NOT expected, but the umbrella will be a good idea if you are traveling to visit family, and holiday festivities will be most enjoyable indoors...
Showers will end between 8 and 10pm tomorrow night across the area, and skies will clear after midnight. Temperatures will fall into the 30s.

Mild conditions will start off the new work-week on Monday, with a slight chance for showers in the afternoon, along with windy conditions. Temperatures will top out in the 50s early in the day, dropping into the 40s by late in the afternoon.
Monday night will be colder, with many areas dropping to around or below the freezing mark.

Tuesday will remain chilly, but a warming trend is will arrive for Wednesday and Thursday, with no stormy weather expected.

Radar image is from 3/30/2013 -- 6:15pm

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter weekend weather for NJ will be...?

Milder weather on the way for New Jersey metro...

Milder temperatures on the way for NJ metro

Milder temperatures on the way...
Latest post: 1:50pm -- 3/28/2013

Spring is officially here for over a week, and temperatures have yet to warm up nicely for the NJ/ NYC metropolitan area...
This afternoon will see a mix of sun and clouds, and a chilly breeze. Temperatures will top out around 50 degrees, but the winds will make it feel more like the 40s. There is also a 30% chance of a passing shower.

Tonight turns out clear to partly cloudy, along with cold temperatures. Lows will drop down into the upper 20s and lowers 30s.
Tomorrow should see more sun than clouds and similar temperatures. There is still an outside chance for a scattered shower or two in the afternoon.

The Easter weekend starts out nicely - with mostly sunny skies expected on Saturday - with milder temperatures reaching the 50s.
Sunday is not expected to be as nice, with some morning sun giving way to clouds, and some rain by late in the day. Highs will still reach the 50s, so it will not be chilly.

The start of the new work-week is expected to be dry but colder, with highs dropping back down into the 40s.

Radar image is from 1:45pm -- 3/28/2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stormy weather for New Jersey?

Latest post: 10:00am -- 3/27/2013

Today will see a mix of sun and clouds -- along with breezy conditions. There is a 30% chance of showers this afternoon. Highs will top out in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees.
Tonight turns out partly cloudy, with temperatures dropping into the 30s for most areas in NJ/ NYC and Long Island, with some spotty readings in the upper 20s.

On Thursday, skies will be mostly sunny in the morning, with more clouds arriving in the afternoon, and the risk of some scattered showers. Temperatures will reach the 40s to around 50 once again.

To end the week on Friday, clouds could still be around, along with a 20% chance of a passing shower and similar day-time temperatures.

The weekend is expected to be dry -- with milder temperatures in the middle to upper 50s.

Radar image is from 3/27/2013 -- 10:00am

Monday, March 25, 2013

Some more rain and snow for New Jersey today

Radar picture is from 3:45pm - 3/25/2013

The rain and snow continuing in NJ /NYC / Long Island

A cold rain, and snow falling in New Jersey today

When will it feel like Spring?

Cold now -- when will it warm up?

Light rain and some heavier snow in New Jersey

A lull in the snow in parts of New Jersey

Latest post: 1:40pm -- 3/25/2013

Weather/radar update: Since my latest video, a

a lull in the snow in central and northern NJ has allowed the sky to brighten even more and raised 
temperatures into the upper 30s in these areas...

Some more snow is moving north from southern NJ -- this will need to be monitored to see if it will maintain enough intensity to drop the temperatures again for more snow to stick...

This radar image is from 3/25/2013 -- 1:30pm

Is there more snow or spring in our future for NJ?

How much more snow?

Not looking like spring...

Snowing in Spring -- so how much?

Video is from around 12:30pm - 3/25/2013

Updated snowfall totals so far....

Latest post -- 11:45am - 3/25/2013

Snow amounts accumulated to this point in NJ / Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland...

Snow accumulations in NJ

Posted 3/25/2013 -- 10:25am

Weather update: Just thought I'd pass along some accumulation amounts already being reported in Delaware, Maryland , and southern NJ...

Snow in New Jersey today

Latest post: 9:35am - 3/25/2013

Weather/radar update: Many reports of moderate to heavy snow in central and southern New Jersey ... Areas in north/central NJ/ NYC and Long Island are still experiencing some drier air, preventing the snow to fall - but this will soon occur here as well.
The storm in general is behaving (so far) as expected...

There will be variations in intensity of the snow/wet snow/some rain in the NJ metropolitan area...
I will maintain the 1 - 2 inches for north/central NJ/ and NYC, mainly on grassy surfaces -- and 2  to as much as 4 inches likely for central, southern, and southeastern NJ.

Radar images will monitored hour by hour...
Updates will be posted as needed.

Happy Spring and Happy Passover!!!

Radar image below is from 9:15am -- 3/25/2013

Snow on schedule to arrive in New Jersey on Monday

Latest post -- 11:55pm -- 3/24/2013

Based on the most recent weather data -- I will not be making any changes from my previous post...

Radar image is from 11:45pm - 3/24/2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A messy Monday for New Jersey metro

Snow for NJ/ NYC/ Long Island ... but will it stick?

Spring snow arriving in New Jersey on Monday

Snow in Spring for New Jersey? How much?

Spring snow likely for New Jersey on Monday

Latest post: 5:10pm -- 3/24/2013

Intermediate weather update: Maintaining the forecast of 1 - 3 inches for much of NJ / NYC and Long Island -- with some 4-inch amount possible in southern and southeastern NJ and parts of eastern Long Island...
These accumulations will mainly be on grassy areas and un-treated secondary roads.

Differences remain in the weather models despite the storm only about 12 hours away... and accumulations will be adjusted in my next post.

Another update will be issued between 6 and 7pm.

This radar image is from 4:45pm - 3/24/2013

Early spring storm on the way for New Jersey

Latest post: 11:20am -- 3/24/2013

Weather update:
The potential for a wet snowfall accumulation continues to increase for the NJ/NY/Long Island metropolitan area on Wednesday...
The forecast for snowfall accumulations remains difficult due to differences in the weather models, the time of year (March/ March sun angle -  radiation is stronger even without direct sunlight), as well as the fact the the snow/wet snow will be falling during the daylight hours.

Right now, I am thinking that 1 - 3 inches of wet snow will accumulate on grassy surfaces. One weather model remains consistent, but differs from the other models... If this model will end up to be correct, then heavier snow will fall, with higher accumulations in NJ and NYC, which may allow the snow to stick on secondary roads.
There are still details to be determined, which will hopefully be better specified in my next post later today or tonight.

Stay tuned.

Original radar image is from 3/24/2013 --10:45am

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Light snow has moved out of New Jersey

Latest post: 3:45pm - 3/21/2013

Weather/ radar update:
For those of you who saw some light snow or flurries in NJ (you may say if and where you saw them) .. this chance has ended...

The light snow has moved over Long Island as of this post -- (3:40pm) -- and will be ending on Long Island between 6 and 7pm EDT.

Radar image is as of 3:15pm - 3/21/2013

Scattered light snow in New Jersey this afternoon

Latest update: 1:45pm -- 3/21/2013

Weather/ Radar update:

Snow has been falling lightly across central and southern NJ, NYC and Long Island... Due to the high March sun angle, and some dry air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere, much of this snow has been melting before it reaches the ground, so accumulations this afternoon will not be more than a coating...  if that ... on grassy areas only.

Radar image is from 1:30pm -- 3/21/2013

Some light snow in the Garden state today

Latest post: 9:25am -- 3/21/2013

Weather update:

Based on current radar images, some light snow is falling in the Garden state as of this post (9:15am) --

and recent model information are indicating a dusting of snow at most for NJ/NYC and

Long Island -- mainly on grassy surfaces...

Further updates will be issues as conditions warrant.

Radar image is from 9:00am -- 3/21/2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some snow likely again for New Jersey

Latest post: 5:15pm -- 3/20/2013

Spring officially arrived today-- as per the calendar -- not per Mother Nature -- with temperatures only in the 40s, a brisk wind, and scattered flurries in parts of the Garden state.
And ... more snow is on the way late tonight into Thursday...

Some more scattered flurries are possible for northern and western sections of NJ tonight, otherwise, skies will become cloudy across the rest of NJ and the NYC metropolitan area... with some light snow possible after midnight. Temperatures will drop into the upper 20s and lowers 30s.

Overnight tonight, light snow is likely to continue for many areas of New Jersey, NYC and Long Island -- and there could even be a coating of the white stuff -- especially on grassy areas and car-tops. Main roads and highways will be fine.

On Thursday, light snow will continue in the morning for the Garden state, NYC and Long Island -- and then primarily affect Long Island in the afternoon.

Right now, most weather models are indicating central NJ and Long Island to have the best chance of receiving a total of a coating to an inch of snow...
Radar images overnight and tomorrow will help determine and verify if this, and will need to be monitored for any changes in snow chances and/or snow amounts.

Another post will be issued later tonight, and during the day on Thursday.

Chilly but dry weather is expected Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Radar image is from 3/20/2013 -- 5:00pm

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter ends tomorrow...

Will it get warmer for the new spring season?

Spring arrives tomorrow in the Garden state...

Latest post: 5:55pm - 3/19/2013

After a wet and gray start, to a bright end on Tuesday ... the last full day of winter will be partly cloudy this evening, and mainly clear overnight, as temperatures drop into the 20s across the Garden state and the rest of the NYC metro area...

Spring arrives at 7:02am on Wednesday -- but it will not feel too much like the new season, with highs only in the lower 40s, with a mix of sun and clouds.  There could even be a passing rain or snow-shower in the afternoon -- particularly for northern and western sections of New Jersey.
Tomorrow night will see some clouds early, and then skies will clear. Lows will dip down into the 20s across the entire area.

Thursday and Friday will see partly sunny conditions, with a 20% chance of scattered rain or wet snow showers. High temperatures each day will top out in the 40s once again.

The weekend at this point looks to remain storm-free, with no significant change in temperatures.

Satellite image is from 5:00pm -- 3/19/2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Winter Storm Ukko - tonight's forecast!

 Live from Hoboken, NJ - I bring you the full details on the latest Winter Storm this season!

Snow about to arrive in New Jersey

Latest post: 4:15pm -- 3/18/2013

After a delay in the storm for much of today, snow is moving out of Pennsylvania into the Garden state as of this post, and we expected light to moderate snow to fall for the evening hours across much of the state, including NYC and Long Island...

As we move into tonight, the snow will change to rain for southern NJ around 8pm, and then for central NJ,  New York City and Long Island between 8pm and 9pm, and then for northern and western NJ around 10pm...
Snow accumulations will range from a coating to an inch of snow for southern and central NJ, as well as NYC and Long Island, mainly on grassy areas and car-tops, before the change-over to rain.
Across northern and western NJ, accumulations will be between 1, to as much as 3 inches.

For the overnight hours, everyone will see rain... as temperatures rise into the upper 30s in all areas.

On Tuesday, rain will begin the day, and then end by late morning, perhaps as some light snow, as the entire storm leaves.  It will become windy on Tuesday, with temperatures starting out around 50, then fall through the 40s throughout the day.

Wednesday marks the first day of spring -- but temperatures will only top out in the lower 40s, and there could even be a rain or snow-shower around.

The rest of the week, for Thursday and Friday will continue to see below-average temperatures, and a continued chance for passing rain and snow-showers.

The weekend will continue to stay chilly with partly sunny skies.

Radar image is from 3:45pm - 3/18/2013

Snow and rain expected soon for the Garden state

Weather update: (posted 12:45pm - 3/18/2013)

The first area of snow has encountered very dry air -- allowing this to weaken...
The next several hours will be cloudy -- with some flurries or sprinkles.
It appears that the main area of precipitation will now wait until later this afternoon and the evening...
For the moment, the previous thinking on accumulations will remain the same.

An update will be issued in the next hour or two.

Radar image is from 12:15pm -- 3/18/2013

Quick update: Snow and rain coming to New Jersey today

Weather update:
The storm is on a bit of a delay -- so any snow start time will be pushed back until between Noon and 2pm today...
More details soon...

Original radar image is from 3/18/2013 -- 8:30am

Sunday, March 17, 2013

More snow and rain for the Garden state

Latest post: 8:40pm -- 3/17/2013

After a snowy Saturday and and brighter Sunday, another storm will be arriving in New Jersey for the start of the new work-week...
Tonight will be cloudy ... some snow or rain/snow mix is possible for extreme southern New Jersey after 4am...
The rest of the Garden state will be dry overnight and for the Monday morning commute...

During Monday, snow will develop over the rest of southern New Jersey around 10am, and for central and northern New Jersey/ NYC and Long Island between 11am and Noon...
Snow could fall heavily for a few hours, especially for northern and western NJ during the afternoon, with a slushy 1 - 2 inches of accumulation accumulation in all areas, particularly on non-paved surfaces and car-tops.
The snow is expected to change to rain for all of southern NJ after 2pm, central New Jersey, NYC and Long Island after 7pm, and for northern and western NJ after 8pm...
Monday night will be rainy and breezy for the entire area, with steady, or slowly rising temperatures to the upper 30s by midnight...

Tuesday will start out wet and windy, with rain ending by late morning... with a change briefly to some snow-showers, particularly north and west of NYC...
Highs on Tuesday will occur in the morning, reaching the mid-40s, and then fall into the 30s during the afternoon, along with a brisk breeze.
** As the storm develops on Monday, radar images will more accurately show the rain/snow line which will determine snow amounts and timing of the change-over to rain. Radar updates will be posted as conditions warrant **

Spring will officially begin on Wednesday, but temperatures will continue to feel more like winter, with highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s, with some passing rain or snow-showers.
The unseasonably cold weather will continue thru Friday, with partly to mostly cloudy skies, with a slight chance of passing rain or snow-showers.

Original radar image is from 7:30pm -- 3/17/2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snow is over for New Jersey -- another storm arrives Monday

Weather discussion:
Today is an excellent example of what meteorologists refer to as "now-casting"...
Over the previous few the days the FORECAST (for the future) indicated that this minor storm was expected to miss the area entirely, or provide a bit of light rain or flurries...
Radar images (which are used to determine curent-time forecasting )-- which is called NOW-CASTING, indicated early this morning that today was going to be more of a snowier day than originally expected..

So while weather models are used to predict future outcomes of storms, radar images are always used as a tool to provide real-time weather conditions and up-to-the-minute forecasting as well...

With that said, with the next storm scheduled to arrive Monday, weather model-forecasting, and radar monitoring will help provide an accurate forecast.

Radar image at time of this post is from 4:45pm -- 3/16/2013

A little more snow for New Jersey

Radar update: Last batch of snow has diminished in size, and will primarily affect central and southern
NJ in the form of snow or a rain/snow mix...
Only a coating on grassy areas is expected...

The threat for rain and snow will end for the entire NJ/ NY metro area between 6 and 7pm...

Radar image is from 4:30pm -- 3/16/2013

Occasional snow in NJ today...

Latest post: 2:45pm

Radar update: First area of snow will be ending by 4pm...
Another area of snow may affect central NJ again between 5-7 pm...
Only a coating of snow, mainly on grassy surfaces and car-tops is expected.

Original radar image: 2:15pm - 3/16/2013

Light precipitation today in New Jersey...

Latest post: 11:40am -- 3/16/2013

Weather discussion: Temperatures are in the upper 30s as of 11:30am.... so why is it snowing?
Well -- remember that this temperature is right near the ground -- but not too far above the ground  -- perhaps as low as 1000 feet -- the air temperature is below freezing -- allowing snow to fall -- but melt when it reaches the surface...
As the day progresses, the high March sun angle is likely to warm temperatures above freezing at most levels in the atmosphere, so the snow should at least mix with, or even change to some light rain this afternoon.
Any precipitation will end around 6pm this evening across the NJ metro area.

Another storm of rain and snow will arrive Monday afternoon.
More details on this later today.

Original radar image: 11:15am -- 3/16/2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chilly weekend for the Garden state

Latest post: 6:00pm - 3/15/2013

Tonight will be cloudy -- and there could be a rain or snow-shower after midnight.. Lows will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s across the NYC Metro area.
On Saturday, to start off the weekend, skies will be on the cloudy side -- and there will be a little light rain in the afternoon, which could mix with a few wet snowflakes, especially in northern New Jersey... but no accumulations are expected. High temperatures will be in the upper 30s and low 40s.
Saturday night will see that chance of a mix of rain and snow early in the evening, then skies will clear. Temperatures will drop into the upper 20s area-wide.
Sunday will be the brighter day -- with chilly highs in the 40s.

To start of the new work-week on Monday, a storm will be approaching again, with rain or some wet snow and sleet likely by late in the day or by the evening hours.
Tuesday will start off wet, with some clearing in the afternoon, and it will turn quite gusty...
Highs will be in the 40s on Monday, and around 50 or so on Tuesday.

** The details of the storm track for Monday and Tuesday are not yet certain -- and more snow could be possible... Updates will be posted in the coming days. ** 

Original radar image: 5:45pm - 3/15/2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Passing showers, then colder for New Jersey metro area

Latest post: 3/13/2013 -- 6:00pm

After a mild and rainy day on Tuesday, colder temperatures are moving in as of this post...
Temperatures were around 50 degrees only a few hours ago, and as of 6pm, readings have dropped well down into the 40s...
A passing shower is possible as colder air continues to move in, and then skies will clear after sunset.
Skies will be mainly clear overnight, with lows falling into the 20s for much of New Jersey, and Long Island -- with NYC falling to around the freezing mark...

Thursday will be partly sunny, with a slight chance for a rain-shower once again, with highs only topping out in the upper 30s and lower 40s area-wide.
Tomorrow night will be clear and cold .. with temperatures dropping into the 20s for all areas.
Friday will be mainly sunny, with highs in the middle 40s...

The weekend will start off with some unsettled weather on Saturday -- with a mix of rain and snow -- the details of who will see what, and how much, if any, accumulation is uncertain at this time. Highs will be around 40.
Sunday will be windy with mostly sunny skies and similar temperatures.

Another storm is possible early next week.

Check out my video forecast:
​Video is from around 11:30am Wednesday morning​.

Rain and snow in parts of the east as of this radar image Original radar image: 6:00pm - 3/13/2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wet weather ending in the Garden state

Latest post: 4:00pm - 3/12/2013

Rain is ending as of this post in New Jersey --- and will be ending within the hour in NYC, and by 6pm  on eastern Long Island...

Original radar image -- 3:45pm - 3/12/2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rain arriving soon in New Jersey

Rain to arrive soon in New Jersey
Latest post: 3/11/2013 -- 8:45pm

After a very nice weekend and the start to the new work-week, the next weather system will be moving in to the New York metropolitan area -- bringing, rain, not snow, to the area tomorrow...

Clouds are on the increase tonight, and some sprinkles are possible in New Jersey after midnight, especially in western sections of the state. Patchy fog will be around as well. Lows will only drop into the 40 state-wide, including NYC and Long Island.

Rain is likely on Tuesday -- which will be heavy at times. Temperatures will rise into the 50s.
Rain will be ending around 6pm in NJ, 7pm in NYC, and around 9pm on eastern Long Island Tuesday evening -- with temperatures falling into the upper 30s and lowers 40s.

Thursday will be partly sunny and windy, with a slight chance for rain-showers. Temperatures will be cooler -- with highs in the upper 40s.

The weather will turn even chiller for Thursday and Friday -- and there may be some more rain, and even some snow, by the end of the week or next weekend.

Radar image: 8:45pm -- 3/11/2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lots of sunshine for the weekend in New Jersey

Weekend weather:
I wanted to shift the focus from all this snow  -- to a nicer forecast for the weekend...
Because of more than expected snow that fell -- this snow-cover may keep temperatures a little cooler than originally expected -- with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s -- with Sunday seeing a bit more cloudiness in the afternoon... but none of that white stuff for sure!

Satellite image from 3/8/2013 -- 10:30am EST

Snow now ... but better weather is coming to NJ -- for sure.

Weather discussion:
The snow is winding down on Friday and we look forward to an easy forecast with sunny skies and much milder conditions for the weekend.
Over the last 48 hours, we have had 2 storms affect the NY/NJ Metropolitan area...
The difficulty in determining snowfall was due to the models' inconsistencies and variations in the outcome. Also, the weather maps often do not predict the locations of the heavier snow-squalls with high accuracy due to their "low-resolution".
To put this statement into easier terms... the weather models are not "high-definition enough" to clearly see the areas where these snow-bands will set-up (most models are closer 480p instead of 1080p, if you will). There is at least 1 model that is "higher resolution" -- however, this particular model did horribly when we had the first chance of snow Wednesday night into Thursday morning, and this model was decided to be disregarded with assistance with last-night's forecast, and the snow forecast, was based on a lower-resolution, but the better-performing model from the previous storm.
So ... the poor-performing model from Wednesday night -- was better with this storm.

It just accents the fact that understanding the model information is one thing -- but the meteorologist has to know which model will be the better performer -- and this is based on looking back at past history of storms, certain biases and weaknesses with models, when determining the weather model of choice....

The good news is that all the models are suggesting 50 degrees fro the weekend -- and certainly no snow ... I think...

Just kidding...

Radar image from 10:00am on 3/8/2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Accumulating snow for some parts of New Jersey

Radar update: Rain/Snow or rain changing to snow will occur overnight...
Temperatures are still slightly above freezing in all metro areas, but should slowly fall in the next few hours... Which should allow snow to at least stick on grassy areas... The
 best chance for 1 - 3 inches of snow remains for Long Island, NYC, all of Connecticut, and Bergen, Passaic, Morris, and Sussex counties in New Jersey...
More details will posted as radar dictates...

Radar image -- 10:00pm - 3/7/2013

Snow chances again for New Jersey tonight

Radar image time: 11:00am -- 3/7/2013

Another chance of snow exists for New Jersey late tonight into early Friday....
The first area of precipitin (in the middle) will provide some light rain or flurries during the day on Thursday...

The area of snow on the extreme left of the picture will combine with the snow around the Boston area (on the right), and will continue to move west and south this evening...

The models are at odds as to how far west and south the snow will rotate...
This will be clear with the next model run, which will ultimately decide how much snow will fall across NYC/Lon Island and New Jersey...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stormy for the Garden state -- waiting for the change to snow

Weather update:
This has been one of the more difficult storms to forecast regarding snow amounts --
Rain is moving into southern NJ at this hours (10:45am) -- and will spread into the rest of NJ/NYC/ Long Island by early afternoon...
It will be too warm for any snow in these areas until around 4 or 5pm, when snow will begin to mix in for the metropolitan area, with a change-over to snow expected after 6pm... which should continue through tonight into Thursday morning...

These are the EXPECTED weather conditions mentioned above.
This will be an hour-by-hour observation as the storm continues to strengthen, and wait for the switch over to snow late today...
The snow amounts will be determined when (and if) this changeover occurs...
I am maintaining a general 1 - 3 inch snowfall forecast for NJ/New York and Long Island-- but this could, and likely will, change as the change to snow becomes more certain.
Radar updates will be watched as the storm organizes this afternoon.
Winds continue to be gusty and will increase to between 40 and 50 mph as the day progresses .. and coastal flooding will be an issue for the shore areas during high tide...
Stay tuned for updates during the day.

Radar image: 10:30am - 3/6/2013

Rain, snow and wind for New Jersey

Radar image: 11:00pm - 3/5/2013

Weather models suggesting this storm will be a prolonged event of rain/snow and strong winds-- which could linger into Friday...
Several inches of snow are likely across all areas of NY/NJ/Long Island and Connecticut... 
Precipitation will start out as rain late Wednesday morning, changing to a rain/snow mix briefly Wednesday afternoon, then changing to snow late Wednesday afternoon. Snow will fall Wednesday evening and night -- into Thursday morning... 

Snow amounts will be fine-tuned in my next post on Wednesday morning.

Another round of snow possible again Thursday night.
Details of part two of the storm will be discussed on Wednesday as well.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Stormy for the Garden state by mid-week this week

Latest post: 10:30pm -- 3/4/2013

After a bright and chilly start to the new work-week, tonight will remain clear. Temperatures will drop to cold levels in the 20s across the Garden state.
On Tuesday, skies will be mostly sunny, with some increase in clouds late in the days. Highs will peak in the mid- to some upper 40s.
Tuesday night will be cloudy. Some rain is possible in extreme southern New Jersey well after midnight.

*** Wednesday and Wednesday night will be stormy ***
Details on the storm are not yet certain -- but heavy rain and/or snow is looking likely across the entire Garden state, as well as NYC and Long Island -- with amounts of rain or snow still needed to be determined by the track of this upcoming storm.
The peak of the storm will be Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.
Strong winds between 40 and 50mph is likely during the peak of the storm.
More specific information will be posted as conditions warrant, and more weather data becomes available.

The end of the week will turn out dry and milder.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunny Monday and Tuesday; Stormy mid-week for New Jersey?

Latest Post -- 6:55pm -- 3/3/2013

After a chilly but brighter end to the weekend, the Garden state will see clear skies tonight, with temperatures dropping into the 20s.

On Monday, skies will be partly to mostly sunny, with highs ranging between 40 and 45 degrees for the Garden state.
Monday night will be clear once again, as lows drop in the 20s.

Tuesday will see plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, with high temperatures topping out in the 40s.

A storm just now entering the Northern U.S. will make its way south, and then east over the next couple of days...
By Wednesday it will be along the East Coast -- and will move close to the NJ/NYC metro area ...
The storm track is yet to be determined, but central and southern areas of NJ are the more likely areas too see some rain or snow by the middle of the week.
Conditions area-wide will become windy as well.
Details of how much (if any) rain or snow will be much clearer tonight, and especially on Monday, and more specifics will mentioned in my next post.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Peeks of sun this weekend for New Jersey

Radar image as of this post: 1:45pm

Latest post: 1:45pm - 3/2/2013

The start of the weekend will see mostly cloudy skies -- with some peeks of sun possible -- along with some sprinkles or flurries. Temperatures will remain steady in the lower 40s for much of New Jersey/ NYC and Long Island.

Tonight will be partly cloudy and cold. Lows will drop into the 30s.

On Sunday, a similar day, with more clouds than sun. Temperatures will top out once again in the lowers 40s for much of the Metropolitan area.

To start of the new work-week on Monday, and Tuesday, skies will turn out partly sunny, along with temperatures in the middle 40s.

A storm currently moving into the Northwestern U.S. may affect the East coast on Wednesday or Thursday.
More details on this in my next post.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sun and Clouds for New Jersey to end the week

Latest post: 12:15pm -- 3/1/2013

The Garden state will enjoy a mix of sun and clouds for Friday. High temperatures will top out in the upper 40s for the afternoon, along with a brisk breeze.

Tonight turns out partly cloudy for much of the metropolitan area, with lows dropping into the 30s for most of the area.

On Saturday, to start off the weekend, skies will be partly sunny, with high reaching the lower 40s.
Sunday will be a similar day, but a bit chillier, with highs around 40 degrees.

For next week, starting off the new work-week, Monday, brighter skies are expected, which should be the story on Tuesday as well. Both days will see highs in the 40s.