Monday, January 20, 2014

Cold air to last several days for NJ metro; What about snow?

Weather update:

Posted 11:00pm -- 1/19/2014

Tonight's models may be trending (again) on bringing the next weather disturbance closer to us Tuesday afternoon and night.
I prefer to see this trend continue when the data comes out again Monday morning.

If the data remains consistent, a light to moderate accumulating snow will be likely for most of NJ/NYC/Long Island, and Philadelphia.

Another update will be posted Monday morning...

Posted: 11:50pm -- 1/19/2014

Getting the indication now to what I had thought a few days ago... but sided too much with the weather models at that time ... that they were too quick in raising the temperatures for the end of next week...

It appears now that highs will be in the teens to lower 20s from Tuesday though Friday.
Night-time/morning readings are expected to range from zero to 10.

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