Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow update for NJ metro

Latest post: 11:30am -- 1/2/2013

Temperature update:
Readings may not break 32 degrees for much of the area
... a bit colder than originally expected.
This may eventually result in a quicker start to the snow accumulating on main roads...

Winter storm update:
Feeling confident with widespread 4 - 6 amounts...

ETA model is generally around 5 - 6 inches based on the early morning data.
The GFS model has actually come out with an increase in its snow amounts in its morning info ... with 8 - 10 inches.
I believe the 8-10 inch amounts would be for parts of Long Island...

The Canadian model is somewhat similar to the GFS...

Therefore, my current snowfall predictions will include a slight increase from my previous post...

5 - 7 inches for much of NJ and NYC.
6 - 8 inches for Long Island, locally up to 10 inches.

I will post one more update before the main snow begins.

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