Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday evening weather update for NJ metro

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Weather update:
As I discussed with our last weather system, radar is a forecasting tool that can not be undermined...
As of this afternoon's weather models, they continue to at least suggest the chance for some heavy rain over the next 24 hours...

However, based on recent radar trends, this appears to be exaggerated, as was proof today, with the result of little to no rain in our area, with the exception of some locations in southern New Jersey.
Based on this, I will be leaning against the weather maps, and using real-time radar images to project the weather story for tonight and tomorrow...

For the rest of this evening, tonight, and on Friday, cloudy skies will dominate, along with some light rain, drizzle, and mist. There can be a period of steady rain at any point due to the over-done, but stubborn consistency of the weather maps indicating this.
Temperatures over the next 24 hours will not move much, ranging from the mid-50s to the mid- 60s.

Over the weekend, we will lose the influence of this off-shore storm...
Saturday can still be damp at times, with Sunday looking to be the better and brighter of the two days.
Highs on Saturday and Sunday will top out in the mid-60s on average.

More updates as necessary.

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