Monday, October 7, 2013

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Weather forecasting:
I just wanted to discuss the importance of our ability to use radar and satellite to help us forecast the weather...

We have weather-model technology that can produce blue-prints and images of the atmosphere well out into the future...
Three days ago, most, if not all of these models, suggested that the atmosphere would push the rain and the front through late Monday night or even on Tuesday.
Yesterday, (One day into the future), these weather maps had the frontal passage for between 8 - 10pm tonight.

With the luxury of now-casting, as I had been doing minute-by-minute, watching the storms develop and weaken, and watching the rain shield on radar, with the back edge of this weather system move along, it was indicated that this front would be even quicker to move along, and,  as per my last post, the clearing of this front, was adjusted once more to late this afternoon. (As we have now noticed for most of us with the end of the wet weather).

My point is this: I think it is great to be provided the idea of what the atmosphere can look like before a storm is even born. To have the capability of understanding the atmospheric patterns  7-10 days in advance is fantastic. But, we must not undermine the forecasting capability of using real-time, up-to-the-minute images of the clouds and precipitation to help us as well.

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