Saturday, July 20, 2013

Officially a 7th day of the heat wave for NJ metro

Toms River New Jersey is 90 degrees at 11am -- extending our heat wave to 7 consecutive days...

Clouds have thinned out some, but high temperatures should be hot, but lower than yesterday due to some cloudiness earlier -- topping out between 90-93 for most areas.
Ingredients are forecast to come together for showers and locally severe thunderstorms.
Scattered storms are possible this afternoon -- but my thinking is the main line of storms now appears to arrive between 6 and 10pm, as weather models continue to differ some on timing.
Radar images will be observed during the course of the day, and evening to best determine location and intensity. 
Severe weather watches may be issued later this afternoon to focus on the evening storms.
More details as the become available.

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