Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snow is over for New Jersey -- another storm arrives Monday

Weather discussion:
Today is an excellent example of what meteorologists refer to as "now-casting"...
Over the previous few the days the FORECAST (for the future) indicated that this minor storm was expected to miss the area entirely, or provide a bit of light rain or flurries...
Radar images (which are used to determine curent-time forecasting )-- which is called NOW-CASTING, indicated early this morning that today was going to be more of a snowier day than originally expected..

So while weather models are used to predict future outcomes of storms, radar images are always used as a tool to provide real-time weather conditions and up-to-the-minute forecasting as well...

With that said, with the next storm scheduled to arrive Monday, weather model-forecasting, and radar monitoring will help provide an accurate forecast.

Radar image at time of this post is from 4:45pm -- 3/16/2013

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