Saturday, March 16, 2013

Light precipitation today in New Jersey...

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Weather discussion: Temperatures are in the upper 30s as of 11:30am.... so why is it snowing?
Well -- remember that this temperature is right near the ground -- but not too far above the ground  -- perhaps as low as 1000 feet -- the air temperature is below freezing -- allowing snow to fall -- but melt when it reaches the surface...
As the day progresses, the high March sun angle is likely to warm temperatures above freezing at most levels in the atmosphere, so the snow should at least mix with, or even change to some light rain this afternoon.
Any precipitation will end around 6pm this evening across the NJ metro area.

Another storm of rain and snow will arrive Monday afternoon.
More details on this later today.

Original radar image: 11:15am -- 3/16/2013

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