Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow in New Jersey today

Latest post: 9:35am - 3/25/2013

Weather/radar update: Many reports of moderate to heavy snow in central and southern New Jersey ... Areas in north/central NJ/ NYC and Long Island are still experiencing some drier air, preventing the snow to fall - but this will soon occur here as well.
The storm in general is behaving (so far) as expected...

There will be variations in intensity of the snow/wet snow/some rain in the NJ metropolitan area...
I will maintain the 1 - 2 inches for north/central NJ/ and NYC, mainly on grassy surfaces -- and 2  to as much as 4 inches likely for central, southern, and southeastern NJ.

Radar images will monitored hour by hour...
Updates will be posted as needed.

Happy Spring and Happy Passover!!!

Radar image below is from 9:15am -- 3/25/2013

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