Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunny Monday and Tuesday; Stormy mid-week for New Jersey?

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After a chilly but brighter end to the weekend, the Garden state will see clear skies tonight, with temperatures dropping into the 20s.

On Monday, skies will be partly to mostly sunny, with highs ranging between 40 and 45 degrees for the Garden state.
Monday night will be clear once again, as lows drop in the 20s.

Tuesday will see plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, with high temperatures topping out in the 40s.

A storm just now entering the Northern U.S. will make its way south, and then east over the next couple of days...
By Wednesday it will be along the East Coast -- and will move close to the NJ/NYC metro area ...
The storm track is yet to be determined, but central and southern areas of NJ are the more likely areas too see some rain or snow by the middle of the week.
Conditions area-wide will become windy as well.
Details of how much (if any) rain or snow will be much clearer tonight, and especially on Monday, and more specifics will mentioned in my next post.
Stay tuned.

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