Sunday, March 24, 2013

Early spring storm on the way for New Jersey

Latest post: 11:20am -- 3/24/2013

Weather update:
The potential for a wet snowfall accumulation continues to increase for the NJ/NY/Long Island metropolitan area on Wednesday...
The forecast for snowfall accumulations remains difficult due to differences in the weather models, the time of year (March/ March sun angle -  radiation is stronger even without direct sunlight), as well as the fact the the snow/wet snow will be falling during the daylight hours.

Right now, I am thinking that 1 - 3 inches of wet snow will accumulate on grassy surfaces. One weather model remains consistent, but differs from the other models... If this model will end up to be correct, then heavier snow will fall, with higher accumulations in NJ and NYC, which may allow the snow to stick on secondary roads.
There are still details to be determined, which will hopefully be better specified in my next post later today or tonight.

Stay tuned.

Original radar image is from 3/24/2013 --10:45am

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