Sunday, December 29, 2013

Colder air coming ... and snow too?

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Weather update:
A soaking rain today .. ending between 6 and 8pm, first in NJ, lastly on Long Island...
Dry, but cold tomorrow... with highs around 40 degrees.

New Year's Eve on Tuesday may see some flurries, particularly for northwestern New Jersey, with highs around 35 degrees.
Temperatures at Times Square at midnight will be in the upper 20s...

New Year's Day 2014 could some some flurries for all areas, with highs only in the upper 20s and lower 30s...

*** The forecast for Thursday is highly uncertain ***
Light snow is possible...
The area may be saved from a major snow-storm, UNLESS the southern jet-stream has a more direct impact on our area... which would bring more Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic moisture up the East coast.

Right now, the most recent weather data suggests that the northern jet-stream, commonly associated with more cold than snow, will have more of an influence on our region..
This would perhaps mean a light snowfall of 1 - 2 inches during Thursday.

Many more model runs will be analyzed before this scenario is finalized.

An update will be issued tonight or tomorrow.

For certain, temperatures are expected to plummet later in the week, with night-time readings in the teens, and highs between 25 and 30 degrees for Thursday, and 20 -25 by Friday.
It will turn milder over next weekend.

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