Saturday, November 9, 2013

A storm for next week is highly unlikely for NJ metro

Latest post: 2:15pm -- 11/9/2013

Weather update:
The remaining Saturday afternoon weather models are in...
THE GGEM and the EURO data suggest that the storm location by Wednesday and Thursday to be well out to sea from the East coast...

Since the storm is just now entering the WEST coast, there is still a slight chance the models can show otherwise in their future runs, so I will monitor this possibility over the next couple of days. But with my experience in these weather models, having recently shown consistency in moving the storm off-shore, I do not believe a closer-to-the-coast scenario will happen.

We shall see.
Enjoy a nice afternoon, with temps around 50 degrees today, and partly sunny skies!

Tomorrow will be milder, with a mix of sun and clouds, but with a more noticeable breeze. Highs top out in the mid- 50s.
Monday turns out mainly sunny, with highs in the 50s once again.

*** A strong cold front brings colder air for Tuesday and Wednesday, with highs in the low to mid- 40s. ***

More updates soon.

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