Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sandy and New Jersey...

Hurricane Sandy update: Sandy will be transitioning into a very strong Nor'Easter as it makes its way to toward the East Coast. This transition will not undermine the effects it will have for the East coast.
Rain will begin to overspread the Atlantic City and Philadelphia area between 10am and 1pm respectively -- generally on the light side - wind speeds for these areas will be between 10 and 20 mph for much of Sunday afternoon.
It could take much of the rest of the day (still uncertain) for New Jersey to get in on the rain for Sunday...
By Sunday night, especially after midnight, from Washington D.C.., to Philadelphia, all of New Jersey, NYC, and Long Island, winds will be increasing to between 20 and 40mph -- as rain intensity becomes heavier as well.
By the morning commute on Monday, all of the above areas will be experiencing tropical force sustained winds and heavy rain. From this time moving forward, for approximately 12 hours, rain will
be heavy, as winds continue to gradually increase to between 50 and 60mph by the afternoon commute. The center of Sandy is expected to make landfall in New Jersey or Delaware by around 9pm on Monday. From around 5pm to 9pm on Monday, areas in NJ, particularly Southern New Jersey, could see wind gusts to 75mph. Total rainfall amounts will be highest in Central and Southern NJ, perhaps reaching 10 inches, with the rest of the Garden state seeing total rainfall amounts between 3 and 6 inches.
To recap, rain and wind will be increasing after 11am Monday, with the peak of the storm between 5pm and 11pm Monday.
The storm will still be around on Tuesday, with rain and wind gusts to at least 40mph...
The storm only winds down by Wednesday.
More update will be posted to fine-tune the details.

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